EBC Trekking with Children and Family

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Trekking with children and family is quite common for a lot of people. Though children are not the most preferred bunch to take along on a difficult trek, there are many times when young children have acquired some of the greatest climbs. Even if it may sound like a difficult thing for a lot of people, anyone who has taken their children and family to trek several times might know that things are never as difficult as they may seem from the surface level. Likewise, for a completely different group of people with opposite thoughts, it is important to remember that, though not difficult, it is not as easy as one might think to take children and family on a trek. Hence, keeping both factors in consideration, one has to come to a conclusive decision on what they should do when taking children and family to EBC trekking, which is the most popular trekking destination in Nepal. 

EBC Trekking

If you are planning to take your family trekking to the Everest Base Camp then you should definitely tune into everything we have written in this article. Make sure to read till the end!

Time considerations for EBC trek when with your family

It is necessary that you know about the time taken to complete your EBC trek when you are with your family. You should first travel to Kathmandu from your home country to finally take a flight or a drive to Lukla. There is barely any country that has a direct flight to Lukla. So, you need to take off to Kathmandu first. After you are in Lukla, you can continue your trip to the Everest Base Camp. Going to the EBC from Lukla is not less time-consuming either. You are going to spend at least 8 weeks going to the base camp from Lukla

Since the Everest Base camp is at a higher altitude, it is necessary to consider getting enough acclimatization for yourself as well as your children. Do not try to ascend more than 500m per day. Children might not get enough time to acclimatize. Hence, you cannot rely on your own ability to acclimatize to make judgments about the distance to be taken on a day trek. Make sure to take at least 2 days among the 10 days of trekking to the EBC from Lukla for acclimatization. And make sure to go steadily stretching your Lukla-EBC trek to 8-10 days. 

How do you plan an EBC trek with children?

You should make sure to take a good amount of clothes and comfortable shoes, as well as extra snacks and water bottles for your children as well as yourself. Children are comparatively more active than adults, but this does not mean that they can familiarize their bodily functions with the conditions of the base camp. make sure to get your children treated or checked by a doctor before considering taking them to the EBC trek. Furthermore, hiring guides and porters either from Kathmandu or with the help of a mountaineering agency is essential. Trekking alone, you can skip the guides, but you are likely not to cover the adequacy of taking children alone without a guide on a trek to EBC. 

Food and accommodation in the EBC trek

Food and accommodation are both easily available on the EBC trail. Hence, you and your children will not have to face a lot of trouble while trying to find the right place to stay and eat. Your guides and porters are likely to help you in finding the right place with the right facilities for you. If not, you can still find food and staying places anywhere on the EBC trail as there are many teahouses and eateries there.  


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