It’s possible to make your dream trip come true!

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We all have travel dreams. Egypt for some, Peru for others, the great European capitals for still others. You can either dream all your life, or do everything you can to live your dream trip . Here are some practical tips to achieve this.


Picture a safari in the classic sense – endless savannah, acacia trees silhouetted against fiery sunsets, and a variety of wildlife across the horizon. This is the lifeblood of Tanzania Classic Safaris, where dreams turn into vivid reality. Each park offers a unique wildlife spectacle, in addition to intimate safari camps and lodges that provide a sanctuary at day’s end

What is your dream?

Before doing everything to make your dream trip come true, you still have to determine it. Very often, we don’t have a single dream trip in mind. We have always dreamed of taking a cruise to Alaska, but we would also be the happiest in the world with a week in Japan. We must therefore choose by prioritizing our wishes. Don’t hesitate to put your dreams down on paper. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. Next step: the budget.

Determine the budget

When we talk about travel, the sinews of war is often money. It’s very easy to take the trip of your dreams with $10,000 in your pocket, much less when you only have a hundred. Estimate the cost of transport, accommodation and food based on the number of days of the trip. With this sum in mind, you will be able to move forward more efficiently.

Set a date

It is very important to set a date for your dream EireTrip Travel Blog. Not a specific date, but let’s say a month. Next December, you’re leaving, it’s said! Don’t set a date too close in time, or too far away. The fact of stopping a year, or a month, makes your project concrete, you register it in a tangible reality and on the calendar. If you don’t, you’ll keep pushing your idea back, month after month, and ultimately, you may never make that trip. Having a date in mind will be a great motivation, you will see.

Make it known around you

We sometimes ignore the power of word of mouth. Yet every day thousands of people find a job, a home, a car this way. It can also work for travel! Tell your friends, your family, your loved ones, that you have decided to prepare THE trip of your life. There are so many bottles in the sea. Just because they know it doesn’t mean they’re going to show up at your house tomorrow with the free plane tickets! But the chances of life mean that sometimes they can give you valuable information on a particular company that offers very inexpensive plane tickets to Japan over a particular period.

The collective gift

The advantage of having told all your loved ones that you want to take this trip is that they will certainly do everything to help you make it happen. If it’s your birthday or Christmas soon, don’t hesitate to let everyone know that you prefer a financial contribution rather than lots of small gifts. Of course, it’s a little less “Christmas spirit” just to receive money, but it takes what it takes. You have one goal in mind: to make your dream trip come true. Another option is to accept gifts and resell on e bay the ones you like the least, but don’t get caught at the risk of offending those who gave you the gifts!

The garage sale

It’s amazing the motivation that organizing a dream trip can arouse. Your house is probably full of a whole bunch of objects that you no longer use, you’ve been telling yourself for years that you should clean up, but you’ve never done it. The opportunity is all found! Organize a garage sale with all these objects. Even if it only generates a few dollars at the end of the day, it’s still what will add to your kitty and don’t forget that it’s the small streams that make the rivers.

home exchange

We told you about it recently in our article on home exchanges, exchanging your home with someone from another country is becoming more and more trendy. It also has the advantage of reducing the budget considerably since you do not spend anything on accommodation. A very quick way to lighten your overall budget. The money you won’t spend on accommodation will allow you to have a bigger transportation budget.


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