Want guidance for the immigration process with a top Canadian immigration consultant in India?

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Want guidance for the immigration process with a top Canadian immigration consultant in IndiaThe immigration process can be challenging, but with the right help from an immigration consultant, it will become easier.

The search for the top Canadian immigration consultant in India can be time-consuming and tiring. Here is the result of your search and the solution to all your problems.

The leading Canadian Immigration Consultant in India- The Stark Visas

The Stark Visas has become the leading Canadian Immigration Consultant in India by assessing candidates. They ensure that a candidate meets the eligibility requirements for the Canada visa, including the point-based test.

They have secured their position as the Top Canadian Immigration Consultant because of their services and expert consultation with a valid license and certification from an accredited organization.

They offer help from an authorized and legit Canadian lawyer to guide a candidate about living and working in Canada with a professional IELTS trainer to prepare for interviews and job opportunities.

If you want to settle or visit Canada, The Stark Visas have different visas for you, including PR, study, tourist, business and investor, family sponsorship, and skilled worker visas.

They help you throughout the application process and guide you to obtain your visa within months without any trouble.

Why should we hire an immigration consultant?

immigration immigration process process

Your immigration journey depends on the authentic immigration consultant you choose. They play an essential role in instructing you about the visa and application process.

They guide you to the best options and eligibility requirements, ensuring an error-free form-filling procedure.

They help in making all the paperwork and formalities and connect with a legit lawyer who helps in further necessities for immigration.

Their experience and knowledge help you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Make your Canada dream come true with The Stark Visas 

Canada is the top choice for people wanting to immigrate. You can achieve your dream of a standard living life or set up a business in Canada, and The Stark Visas will help you achieve your goals.

The years of knowledge and expertise in Canadian immigration of The Stark Visas will help you to accomplish your dream visa.

They help candidates immigrate to Canada using different pathways and ensure that each candidate meets the requirements. They provide error-free documentation work with assurance.

They prepare candidates with a valid and robust base to obtain their visas for Canada successfully.

With their guidance, you can travel or visit different places in Canada and get job opportunities per the eligibility criteria.

How can you live a standard quality of life in Canada?

Canada, also known as the Land of Opportunities, provides a decent salary package to its foreign workers to live a comfortable and quality life in Canada.

The average salary for a full-time employee is approximately CAD 1,20,000 annually, i.e., INR 7,362,765.

There are many job opportunities available in Canada for skilled workers. The government of Canada demands and offers opportunities for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada and help in their economy.

The Stark Visas provide skilled worker visa for those who want to immigrate to Canada to work there. They advise their clients on what is best for them and help them to live the life they have always dreamed of.

Know if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada with the help of The Stark Visas

The Stark Visas’ primary purpose is to make a candidate eligible for a visa.

The point-based system of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, one of the pathways to immigrate to Canada, is used to rank a candidate’s profile in the Express Entry pool.

If a candidate scores 67 or above out of 100, then the candidate becomes eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

There are different point-based factors to check the eligibility of a candidate. The factors are as follows:

  • Language with a maximum of 28 points
  • Education with a maximum of 25 points
  • Work Experience with a maximum of 15 points
  • Age with a maximum of 12 points
  • Arranged employment in Canada with a maximum of 10 points
  • Adaptability with a maximum of 10 points

The Stark Visas ensure that each candidate meets the eligibility criteria and the given points in each factor.

The guidance and instructions they give help a candidate obtain their visa quickly. They offer transparent and competitive immigration consultation fees. The fee structure is designed to provide value for money.

If you want a consultant to immigrate to Canada at a reasonable price. Contact The Stark Visas.


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