How are we going to travel next year?

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The new year is fast approaching. And with it, the long list of good resolutions… and fabulous vacation plans. The desire to go and experience adventures abroad is very present, this is what emerges from the study by the agency Glenaki Tourism Consultancy, which reveals the seven travel trends for 2022.

1. Direct bookings are on the rise

Organizing your holidays? Travel candidates generally prefer to do it themselves, via online booking platforms such as and Expedia, among others. The main advantages are having the flexibility to be able to modify your reservation for another date or another destination, and especially to be able to cancel it up to 24 hours in advance.

Before the pandemic, Ethiopian Airlines found that 70% of customers booked their trip to a destination like the Seychelles through a tour operator or travel agent. The trend has now been reversed, and only 30% make their reservation via an intermediary, while the other 70% do so directly. Same thing for Singapore  : the majority of tourists book their trip directly on the internet.

2. The advantage of flexibility

We have already mentioned it: the pandemic has forced us to manage our holidays with more flexibility. We now want to be able to modify our reservation until the last minute. Some travel companies have therefore decided to play on the trend. Like the Seabourn cruise line with its Worry-Free Promise . It allows passengers to cancel their trip free of charge in case they are infected with the coronavirus. Belvilla has also adapted its policy. Customers who have booked in 2021 can cancel their stay free of charge until May 31, 2022.

3. Even more last minute Say hello to the ultra last minute,

people wait even longer before confirming their reservation. Due to the uncertainty of travel restrictions and local health measures, we prefer to be cautious. In the French regions of Vendée and Vaucluse , the ultra last minute has already made its debut in 2021. In 2022 again, many tourists will wait until the very last moment to decide.

4. Singles want a vacation

Being a single parent and telecommuting alone at home? It is sometimes hard to bear. It’s time to hit the pause button and take some time out from the pressure and hassle. And leave without the children, since they can again be looked after by the grandparents. Single parents go on a trip alone or with a few friends. This winter, the number of reservations for single rooms under the Maltese sun has thus increased .

The same is true for West Zealand Flanders , due to the geographical proximity and the holiday feeling that the Dutch coast provides. Want a little more exoticism? Seabourn still has a few places available for solo travelers, to destinations like Miami, Aruba, Lisbon, Vancouver, Svalbard, Panama, Auckland, Barbados and Monaco.

5. Away from the crowd

Less frequented destinations are preferred to the most popular poles of attraction. In 2022, the desire for calm and authenticity prevails. Estonia is booming as a tourist destination, with its unique boutique hotels and breathtaking landscapes. Since last year, quieter regions of France such as the Loir Valley and the Pays du Mans have seen their demand increase among Belgians. And trendy Leiden is more popular than vibrant Amsterdam.


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