A Guide to Enjoying the Dubai Trip to the Fullest

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Dubai is a place full of fun and thrilling activities. You may not need a guide to explore Dubai if you have been visiting it every vacation. However, beginners must have a guide to enjoy their time in Dubai. We have a guide for you to make sure you don’t get bored during your stay in Dubai. However, before you start exploring Dubai using this guide, you must get a car there.

The fun of exploring Dubai in your car is something that you have never felt before. The vast roads and advanced facilities will make driving a thrilling activity in Dubai. The best part is that you can easily rent cars in Dubai. From luxury range rovers to regular cars you can get them for rent when in Dubai. As a first-time visitor, you may not have enough knowledge about rental companies in Dubai. Don’t worry! You can use a car rental appin Dubai for that purpose. A lot of well-reputed companies have launched their apps for your convenience.

Once you get the car from a car rental app, it’s time to start your memorable tour.

The Best Time to Go Out in Dubai

Dubai is a place where you can roam around freely every time you want. As you are in Dubai for a tour and will not be willing to waste your time resting and other things. However, you should visit several places at different times to see their exact beauty. The best way to go out in Dubai to explore famous monuments such as Burj Khalifa is at night. You will see a lot of people here and the amazing lighting will double the beauty of these scenes.

However, if you are willing to be at a water park, Dubai Aquarium, or a beach, daytime will be the best. Similarly, for shopping and exploring the shopping malls, which are trademarks of Dubai, the evening is the best time. You will see everything on display at that time. Furthermore, you will also see local residents visiting shopping malls at that time. This will give you an idea of trends and cultures in Dubai.

Things to Do and Places to Visit

Now it’s time for the actual part of your tour. We will not tell you something about Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zaid Mosque, Dubai Fountain, or other similar places. These are very common and must be already in your plan. We will tell you some other places, so you can explore Dubai deeply.

• The first thing you must do in Dubai is to go for a desert safari. Dubai Desert Safari is unmatchable. From dune bashing to amazing rides, you will get plenty of things to do there. If you want to get most of the desert safari, opt for an overnight one. This will allow you to see beautiful scenes, enjoy thrilling rides, have delicious BBQ meals, witness amazing night shows, and camping in the desert.

• Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is probably the best travel destination in Dubai after some top monuments. This aquarium and the underwater zoo is home to millions of aquatic creatures. The aquarium has about 10 million liter capacity and it has more than 400 sharks and rays in it. Aquarium and zoo tunnels will help you to explore every inch of this amazing place within 3 to 3.5 hours.

• The next thing that should be on your list is to explore Dubai Miracle Garden. Like many other things in Dubai, this too is the largest natural flowering garden on this planet. It has almost a variety of flowers. It will be fun to explore it when spring is at its peak.

• The next thing you must do is to contact directly to any of the top car rental company or through any of the famous, top rated rental car apps such as https://www.oneclickdrive.com/car-rental-app, its easily available online so you check and rent any of the cars as per your choice or budget. Then set on an off-road journey towards Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah any where. The journey through the stony and uneven paths will be full of fun and thrill.

• Global Village, Dubai Frame, Atlantis Water Park, Ski Dubai, and Dubai Creek are also amazing places to visit.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to explore Dubai with this guide in your hand? Definitely, you are. Don’t worry about your stay or dining in Dubai as there are uncountable options for that purpose. You can get a hotel room and a delicious meal in a restaurant on every street in Dubai. Besides that, there are short-term rentals and luxury resorts in the emirate as well. You can choose one that fits your budget.


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