8 Sustainable Gifts For Those Who Love Nature

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Everyone is likely to know that one individual who simply cannot stay indoors. With any moment of downtime, they are likely to be hiking rural trails, swimming in the sea, or planning their next adventure abroad. Such nature lovers and their affection for sustainability can be inspiring, as well as easy to impress when it comes to gift giving. To show you how, we’ve got eight of this year’s best sustainable gifts that are sure to make them happy.

Gifts For Those Who Love Nature

Reusable Water Bottle

One simple gift can altogether eliminate the need for purchasing single-use water bottles ever again, as well as give an individual a stylish and even insulated flask to bring with them on an outdoor adventure. There are now a whole host of designs to choose from, including collapsible bottles that can be compacted into pocket-sized accessories when not in use.

Upcycled Clothing

Clothing is a consistent need throughout our lives, which is why many nature enthusiasts seek to purchase items with low or no-impact on the planet. Upcycled clothing captures this spirit perfectly, making high-quality garments that can be worn on adventures using captured materials from elsewhere.

Adventure Experience

Sometimes, it isn’t an object that you want to give but an experience they will treasure. Consider your local area and the opportunities for adventure. Kayaking lessons, skydiving experiences, and foraging courses are all examples of nature-focused and outdoor adventures that will be cherished.

Changing Robe

If your outdoorsy friend is someone interested in the water, such as with paddleboarding or swimming, then they are likely to make great use out of a changing robe. These comfortable and practical accessories can be worn with pride, helping individuals to dry themselves off, change with privacy, and warm up quickly.

A Tale Of Nature

A timeless gift for nature lovers is a book that helps them to gain a deeper appreciation or knowledge of their chosen interests. For some, this can also offer an amazing insight into an experience or location of significance, such as the destination of an upcoming trip.

Insect Hotel

Those who love nature tend also to bring it home. An insect hotel is a fantastic way to support local pollinators in a garden space, giving them a cozy place to rest. In addition to helping insect life, their prosperity will also support local ecology, such as wildflowers, too.

Field Guide

Whether a method to identify birds or one to spot mushrooms, a field guide is an immensely useful tool for deciphering the landscape, helping those who love natural landscapes to better understand its tapestry. Field guides can also be tailored to specific areas and regions too, helping to personalize the gift even more.


No matter what the adventure entails, being outdoors and among nature will generally require a backpack, whether carrying essential equipment for an activity or simply food and water to sustain a long hike. As such, a high-quality and waterproof backpack, one that is also comfortable and lightweight, is a gift that is certain to be appreciated.


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