Understanding the Points System for Australia Skilled Nominated 190 Visa

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The Skilled Nominated 190 Visa is a points-tested permanent residence pathway for foreign skilled workers nominated by an Australian State or Territory government. Australia immigration 190 visa from Oman allows skilled individuals to live and work in Australia to boost the economy. It is a points tested immigration program for skilled professionals based on nomination, and invitation, which will get successful approval on Employee sponsorship in Australia.

Australia immigration 190 visa

The job offer from a designated employer should be on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) in Australia. The candidate must finish the skills assessment test from a relevant assessing authority. Then they have to submit an expression of interest through the skillset system to be nominated by a territorial or state government for this visa.

The nomination helps candidates score more points and avail quick processing of visas. The points are calculated on the basis of various factors like Age, English Proficiency, Skilled employment experience in Australia and outside, educational qualifications etc.


18- 25 ( 25 points)

25-33 (30 points)

33-40 (25 points)

40-45 (15 points)

English Language Skills

Proficient English: 10 points

Superior English: 20 points

IELTS,  PTE, CAE, TOEFL etc tests are accepted in Australia for language proficiency

Skilled Employment ​Experience Outside Australia

 3-5 years: 5 points

5-8 years: 10 points

At least 8 years: 15 points

Skilled Employment ​Experience inside Australia

1-3 years: 5 points

3-5 years: 10 points

5-8 years: 15 points

At least 8 years: 20 points

The employment points can be claimed only if the employment was in your nominated SOL or a closely related SOL. For any Australian employment you must have held a substantive visa or Bridging Visa.

Educational Qualifications

Doctorate from Australia or recognised Institution: 20 points

Bachelors from Australia or recognised Institution: 15 points

Diploma or trade training from Australia: 10 points

Qualification or award recognised by skill assessing authority in nominated SOL: 10 points

The registered body undertaking your skills assessment may determine if your credentials are comparable to the relevant Australian qualification.

Enhance your points

 You can get extra points for special qualifications and relevant work experience in the nominated area and your partner can also boost your score. You will get five more points after you are invited to apply and the nominating Territorial or State government agency has not yet withdrawn the nomination.

The Australia Skilled Programs are competitive and the eligibility criteria keeps changing. You can avail the services of best immigration consultants oman to know the latest eligibility requirements for Australia Skilled Nominated 190 visa. They will suggest ways to enhance your skills to score a minimum of 65 points on the SkillSet system.

The suggestions can include vocational courses, improving educational credentials and increasing language proficiency with proper training. They can also guide you to improve points through your eligible partner. The assistance of professional agents will also make the Australia PR application smoother and faster with accurate filing and proper documentation arrangement. You can sit back and relax to plan the travel to Down Under.


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