Travel, leisure… What it is possible to do or not do during spring break

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The reconfinement will limit the possibilities of circulating and taking full advantage of your free time during the two weeks of vacation which begin this Saturday, April 10. Fortunately, not everything is forbidden. We have listed the accessible activities and the restrictions in place.

Like last year, these spring holidays (with two weeks common to the whole of the metropolitan territory) promise to be special. The third reconfinement , which entered into force last weekend , is however less strict than the first. The perimeter of authorized outings has been extended, with no time limit, parks and beaches are open, certain leisure activities remain accessible. But, with some exceptions, it is still forbidden to travel. We take stock of the measures in force.

Drop off your children with relatives

Good news for parents, especially for those who are not lucky enough to be on vacation: childcare is indeed an exceptional reason for traveling beyond the regulatory 10 km, including to another region. This is also valid during the curfew (between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m.). All you have to do is complete the

Play sports

There too, no need to keep an eye on your watch while jogging: there is no longer a time limit. As long as you do not exceed the 10 km radius, also valid for cycling, and that you respect the curfew. It is nevertheless possible, since this Friday, April 9 , to join an outdoor sports facility and train in a stadium located in your department or in a border department, 30 km maximum.

Enjoy fun activities, both on land and at sea

For those who want to enjoy the great outdoors differently, alone or with family, equestrian centres, golf courses or bike rental companies always welcome the public. On the coast, nautical centers continue to offer sailing courses and equipment rentals. The practice of nautical leisure, boating and diving remains authorized, provided that the usual barrier measures are respected.


Libraries and media libraries remain open, with necessarily restricted reception conditions (do not hesitate to inquire before). It is also possible to unearth small exhibitions here and there, with gauges limited to a maximum of six people.


Even if shopping enthusiasts are chomping at the bit – ready-to-wear shops, decoration stores and toy shops are closed – so-called “essential necessities” stores remain open , and not only food stores: florists and nurseries, booksellers, record stores, chocolate makers, shoemakers, hairdressers….

Get a good meal delivered

No doubt we will continue to miss bars and restaurants during this spring break. But many establishments continue to offer take-out meals, to pick up on site (lunch) or to have them delivered (all

What is still not possible to do

Those who had planned to travel during this holiday will have to wait until the restrictions are lifted. Unless there is a compelling reason, it is forbidden to exceed the radius of 10 km or the department (for sport in dedicated equipment and purchases of basic necessities). Even to visit family in another region. For tourism abroad, it will also be necessary to be patient.

Gather with friends

Whether at home or outside, gatherings of more than six people are prohibited, including children (with the exception of large families, for a single household and on presentation of the family booklet). Just like private meetings in a home, outside the family unit. Even if it is difficult for the police to control this kind of overflow, they can intervene in private places in the event of night noise.

Have a drink outside

If you land in a park or elsewhere with family or friends, forget the rosé or the beer: the consumption of alcohol on public roads is prohibited throughout France. As we know, for bars and restaurants, we will also have to wait for better days.

Take advantage of cinemas, museums, amusement parks…

Even during the holidays, it is impossible to make a canvas, to attend a concert or other show, to go to the theater, to enjoy a museum or to go with the family to an amusement park, leisure, a zoo or an aquarium. All of these locations remain closed until further notice.


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